Identify who will donate today
Know who will vote tomorrow
That's Voter Data Intelligence

Pre compiled with your voter data, our system allows you to start campaigning with intelligence today.

Purchase highly intelligent voter .csv files that have gone through our patented-pending voter scoring process.

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The Data
Voter Scoring Map

Voter Data Intelligence

Know who will contribute to your campaign and vote on election day then build your campaign around this advanced intelligence. Constituent Cloud's proprietary algorithm ranks each and every voter in your district around parameters including: party, voting history, location, race, sex. Use this raw data to run highly targeted campaigns that focus only on voters that will help you win.

Voter Scoring Map

Use the Constituent Cloud political campaign software with voter data to target your likely voters and dominate the competition.

The System

Supporter & Volunteer Organization

Volunteers use Constituent Cloud to generate call and walk lists based on your priorities and then note the results of the activity. Set priorities then your volunteers can work together towards your campaign goals.

Email List Management

Fully integrated email marketing suite allows for targeted email list creation and deployment. Track clicks and opens to understand which topics are driving the most interest. Continually follow up with voters, donors and constituents with automatic email triggers.

Campaign Finance Reporting

Keep track of contributions and donations easing the burden on FEC and State level campaign finance reporting. Contributors are associated with voters, helping you to understand voter and contributor demographics. Constituent Cloud integrates with Piryx and PayPal automatically updating when online donations are received.

Website & Social Networking Integration

Integrate your website and Facebook for voter, supporter and contributor information. Use online surveying to engage your supporters and ensure you do not lose touch with your constituents.

Constituent Service

After you are elected, keep constituents up to date. Ongoing communications and tracking with your constituents while you are in office, you will increase your supporter base. Save time and money during the next campaign cycle by having a larger supporter base and knowing where you stand before the race ever starts.

Google Maps

Visualize where voters are using Google Maps. You can target and group voters or households, then map that particular voter segment. This can be very useful when using an smart phone or iPad to access Constituent Cloud while visiting voters door-to-door.

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We deliver technology services that empower political campaigns and elected officials to engage and energize voters and contributors. Constituent Cloud is a Political Campaign Management Software as a Service. It provides candidates and elected officials with an easy-to-use web-based interface to manage information about voters, supporters and contributors.

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